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How to get motivated - part one

Each week I find myself relating some aspect of my home life to my business, and finding easy reasons to get motivated and turn simple tasks into valuable action. I'm starting today feeling motivated by getting round to all those fiddly little jobs I've been putting off for too long.⁠

Do that thing. Today.

My most shameful example is my car boot. I bought my car over 18 months ago and quickly found out (the painful way) that the boot doesn't stay open when you let go of it. I've had more bumps to the head than I can count, but today I got up and dropped it off at the garage to finally get it fixed.⁠ Why didn't I do it earlier? Because holding it up with my hand wasn't difficult, and amongst life and work and more life, it never rose to the top of my priority list.⁠ But a priority list doesn't have to be the biggest and hardest tasks.⁠ Ask yourself what you've been avoiding because it wasn't urgent. Could your web copy attract more customers if it was refined? Could a regular blog increase your SEO? Have you got round to looking at either of these things?⁠ Just like booking my car in, all you need to do is take 30 seconds to book an appointment. Grab me for a FREE call to go through your worries, thoughts and aims, and let's make a plan together.⁠ I'm going to go and collect my car now. It took less than an hour to fix.⁠ Drop me an email or WhatsApp on 07817321793 to tick that thing off your to do list.⁠

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