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This UK charity has supported vulnerable children and families for generations. The work they do creates loving, safe homes for children and provides adults with the resources to support their parenting journeys. 

Closeup of child's face

Client: Barnardo’s


Project: Fostering and adoption brochure rewrites 


Aim: Recruit new foster and adoptive parents to Barnardo’s


Deliverables: Two 14 page brochures


Barnardo’s already had brochures for prospective foster and adoptive parents, but they weren’t getting as many enquiries as they knew they could. They worked with a research agency to identify what they could improve before coming to me with the recommendations and asked me to rewrite their existing brochures. 


They wanted a fresher read, condensed information, and information to be prioritised based on what was most relevant to the target audience in 2023 and beyond. Specifically, this meant acknowledging the importance of answering financial questions and accounting for the cost-of-living crisis. The charity also really wanted to highlight the positive emotional motivations of fostering and adopting for those considering it for the first time. 


I approached this project by seeing all of the existing material without a set order in place. I created a storytelling element which carried the reader from page 1 through to the end of the brochure, answering questions and meeting thoughts as they would naturally appear.


As a result, readers will now be met with positivity and real stories of fostering and adoption from people like themselves. They’ll hear from people who may have been turned away from competing agencies based on their age or relationship status, and be reassured of their suitability to apply with clear and concise eligibility information. 


With increasing numbers of children in need of care all over the UK, everyone involved wanted to get this project exactly right. For that reason, it was especially great that the team at Barnardo’s are open, friendly and approachable through all stages of the work. Together we make a great collaborative team that I really enjoy being a part of.  

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