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Monthly copywriting and design support for charities and non-profits

Up to 40% off day rates and guaranteed availability each month

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What does the copywriting support package include?

•Equivalent to 3 days every month of communication and copywriting support

•Unlimited email support 5 days a week 

•Loads of flexibility

•External expertise and insights

•Time to explore your communications in ways you wouldn’t normally be able to 

The good stuff

•40% off day rate

•Combine strategy and content work for fast implementation 

•On call responsive support

•An extension of the team

•Flexible use of support

•Combine two months into one for larger campaigns

•Carry 1/3 of your monthly support over for casual use

What this might look like 

  • Month one: Copywriting for your email campaign using 2/3 of your support

  • Month two: Using the carried over 1/3 of your support, use four days' support to plan, write and implement a full direct mail campaign 

  • Month three: Complete copywriting support on your annual report

Monthly support packages can be agreed in multiples of 3 days per month at £1000 per month for a minimum 6 month term. 

Need visuals? Add branding, design and web development to your package for completely streamlined marketing. Ask us for more info today.

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