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Lucky North

Lucky North is a specialist PR agency in Leeds. Founded by Lucy and Kiran in 2019, they promise to showcase the best of the north. 

Meeting at Corridor

Client: Lucky North


Project: Blogging retainer 


Aim: Showcase the agency’s expertise and specialist areas


Deliverables: Two blog posts, two case studies and 12 social media posts monthly


Ah, I love working with Lucy at Lucky North! Her and business partner Kiran launched their agency after working together in Leeds on some really strong PR campaigns. They both live and breathe PR but wanted my help telling others (so they could focus on onboarding their ever growing client list!). 


I first worked with Lucky North in 2020 when the agency formed and needed a website. I created their tone of voice by listening to Lucy and Kiran’s passions and how serious they were about growing into something really amazing. What they do genuinely is a little different from any other PR agency I’ve been a part of, so it was an honour to help them communicate that to the right audience. 


When Lucy came back to me in 2022 for help on another piece of content, it quickly became apparent that an ongoing project to tell their story via blogs, case studies and social media content would really boost their profile. The team have a mission to showcase the best brands in the north, and I LOVE supporting them to shout about their own great work while they focus on their clients. 


What works about this retainer:


I’m trusted to make recommendations ✔️

I know their tone and how to articulate their voice (because I created it!) ✔️

I understand how in demand their time is, so get on with things without pressing on them ✔️

The content really works – the agency is growing so fast because their name is getting out there ✔️

We get on really well! ✔️

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