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How I turned three emails into £30k for a client

I just finished a call with a current client and I’m so excited by what they told me that I had to write it down straight away.

This client has recently sent out three email newsletters that I wrote for them. They monitored them and have seen an increase of £30k in business – purely from these three emails 😮 😮 😮

The company does some of the usual stuff to keep in touch with its audience, but these email newsletters were a new route for them.

The reason I wanted to tell you this (apart from needing to celebrate this win!), was that when we’re producing content for our audience week after week, we go through times of doubting its resonance. We question whether there’s much point putting the effort in that we do.

But here’s my lesson:
Each of the last three projects I’ve worked on have come from someone who told me they loved my content – but hadn’t interacted with it. Still, it led to work.
And my extra lesson:
Newsletters are far outperforming anything else I’ve worked on lately.

Here’s why:

  • They resonate with current clients to buy more from you

  • They feel more personal than social media

  • They land in your audience’s inbox, instead of getting lost in their social feeds (which they may or may not check)

  • Your audience can access opportunities you’re able to offer without a time-consuming pitch

  • You can make it SO EASY for them to say yes

Here’s what I did to generate my client’s income injection:

I switched up the tone

This made the emails stand out from previous comms (my client said it was really fresh - one of the best things I think that can come from working with an external specialist)

I signed off from someone new and wrote from a place of genuine like-mindedness

This created surprise and intrigue, and made it more readable

I wrote the emails as a series

This provided increasing urgency but kept it real and empathetic

Now, I’d love to know – when was the last time you wrote a REALLY GOOD email? Like, a £30k email?

If the answer is ‘not recently!’, maybe it’s something to consider.

If you’d like to know more about newsletters, and specifically what they could do in your industry, send me a quick email here - it's where the magic happens.

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