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How do I become a copywriter? (and why a copywriting coach might be just what you need)

A good coach will work with you on your goals and take you on a journey to achieve them. A great coach will have industry knowledge, experience in the areas you want to work in and support you with brilliant resources and activities and enable you to grow your confidence while you tick your goals off in ways you didn’t think of.

That’s why I only coach in copywriting. I’ve done the thing for 12 years. I know how it works. I know what your stumbling blocks might be, and how to get over them.

I work with people that are at a crossroads. You know you want to do something new, and you know copywriting sparks your interest, but how do you become a copywriter? Surely just choosing to do it is too simple? How do you even start, gain clients, know what to charge?

The list of questions is endless. I know because my inbox is filled with them. That’s why I’ve put together the Ella St Communications Copywriting Class. It’s copywriting coaching for people new to copywriting, whether you want to freelance or you’re in an employed role that involves copywriting.

How does it work?

We’ll kick off your programme with an initial FREE session, where you lay out your concerns, questions, aims and everything in between. We’ll start to put together a learning journey that suits where you’re at and that’s going to meet your needs, depending on your experience and skills.

After that you’ll have the option to work through practical assignments to hone your writing skills, or go straight to client work with 1:1 progress calls while you grow.

What we’ll work on

The short answer is your goals. We’ll create a programme together that lets you achieve your aims and gain confidence to be a copywriter. Yep, start using the title cos it’s yours.

The long answer involves the practical stuff to get you set up not just as a copywriter, but a business too. You might not be new to running a business, but gaining the confidence to start one in a new area is really important for success. We’ll look at mindset, what’s holding you back and what needs to change to propel you forwards.

The rest of the programme is really practical, designed to equip you with the writing skills you need to work as a confident, professional copywriter. Here’s the course outline:

Module one – Identifying your audience

- The differences between SEO writing and writing for an audience

- Audience profiling (knowing who we’re talking to in our copywriting)

- Achieving tone of voice

Module two – Writing with emotion

- How to use copywriting to market yourself/your product/service

- Why it’s important to talk about our audience and not ourselves

- Emotions vs facts in marketing language

Module three – Purpose in writing and your copy rhythm

- What your copy needs to achieve and how

- Live examples of: press releases, blogs and web content

- Content and priority

Module four – Editing and proofreading: The differences and why they’re important

- Why editing creates better copywriters than writing does

- Understanding priorities and detachment from our own copywriting

- Tips and practises to apply to your writing straight away

Module five – Exploring a career in copywriting

- How to begin a copywriting career

- Whether to work freelance or employed

- Pricing and how much you can expect to earn

What's involved?

If you opt for the full 10-week programme, we’ll meet via Zoom every two weeks for a 1:1 session. In between these sessions, you’ll receive a module download with an optional assignment to complete.

We’ll use your 1:1 sessions to feedback on your assignments and improve your copywriting skills, plus work on your specific goals and answer your questions.

Want more info? It’s going to be available really soon from my product store, but if you’re keen to secure your place and don’t want to miss out, make sure you’re signed up to my emails (scroll to the bottom of the page).

How do I get started?

The first step is to book your FREE initial session. We’ll spend 30 minutes looking at your goals and your questions, and plan the right route for you.

Ready? Book your session here by dropping me an email with ‘Copywriting Coaching’ in the subject.

If this has sparked your interest and you’d love to surround yourself with likeminded souls, join my free Facebook group Copywriting Coaching for beginners for regular challenges, motivation and a space to ask questions.

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