The Girl Power Business Plan template

The Girl Power Business Plan template

Whether you’re launching a business for the first time, or entering a new phase of your journey, the Girl Power Business Plan template will guide you through the practical and emotional support you need to succeed.


Covering everything from finances to motivations, your aspirations and affirmations, this template is a one-stop shop for getting you ready to be the star of your own show. You’ll find guidance to create your marketing plan, realise your strengths and opportunities, and space to identify the signs that you need support to keep you on track.


Your business isn’t just about your financial goals, it’s about the whole package of a lifestyle that delivers what you need. We get that, and this template will ask you the questions you need answering to start your journey to success.


More women than ever before are choosing to fly solo, and with the universal support of the female community, it’s easy to see why. If the corporate world hasn’t worked for you, or you need to change your professional commitments to suit your lifestyle, this template will help you put your business front and centre of the plans to make life work for you.


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