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Ella St Communications Copywriting Class module one (individual use)

Ella St Communications Copywriting Class module one (individual use)

How to write captivating copy is the perfect introductory course for small business owners, those looking to improve their marketing skills and copywriters just getting started.


Module one from the Ella St Communications Copywriting Class will provide you with the knowledge and insights you need to complete tasks as you go, ending with a final assignment designed to put your new skills into practice.


This course can be taken at your own pace, completed all in one go, or worked on over time to hone your skill. However you learn, the lessons in this module are designed to take 6 hours from start to finish, perfect for dipping your toes in the water and seeing if copywriting is for you.


You will learn the importance of copy length, rhythm and knowing your message. Once complete, you have the option of taking a more advanced module two, or requesting a specially tailored module for the type of copy you wish to improve.


This module will allow small business owners to prepare their own blogs, website and social media copy in a way that engages and converts their audience. 


What else? Once you have completed the module, get FREE feedback on your assignment to understand how you can continue to improve your skill.


Try it now and see the difference in your copywriting in just 6 hours. 

  • File license

    This downloads permits the user to private use of the file. No sharing, copying or forwarding permitted, including excerpts.  

  • What people say about the 6 Hour Copywriting Class

    The course gets to the point immediately and focuses on the most important aspect of copywriting – getting the main message across and being succinct. With just the right balance between information and practical assignments, you come away from this course having gained a great insight into what copywriting really is and most importantly, how to do it.

    Laura herself is absolutely lovely and will offer help wherever possible. The feedback sessions are probably the most helpful aspect of the course. It’s here that you will really find out what you can do, and Laura will guide you through and suggest any ways that you could improve your writing.

    This course is ideal for beginner copywriters as well as business owners wanting to write their own copy. 5 stars from me.

    Suzy Barrett, Parenting and Education Copywriter

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