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What to do when your partner says they don’t know what you do

It’s a problem more common than you’d think (probably). Your partner comes home from work and casually drops in that they were talking about you today, and when their colleague asked, “what do they do”, sort of, completely failed to answer.

“What do you mean you don’t know what I do?! Are you going to start referring to me as Chandler Bing now, too?”.

Women in a work environment with laptop smiling
How often do you tell your audience exactly how you can help them?

I wasn’t overly impressed, but maybe I shouldn’t have been surprised. It’s not surprising that I know what I do, I do it most days of the week, but is it actually that shocking that others can’t explain it in the same succinct way, especially when the role I fulfil can be quite changeable?

(I should insert here that I do use different titles to describe my job, depending on what’s suitable for the project I’m working on. These include copywriter, digital marketer and communications consultant. The services I offer can all be summed up into one of these, but as each client has slightly different needs, it’s a good idea to be flexible with how I market myself to different audiences.)

Did you know that about me though? Could you have explained to someone what I do? Perhaps even with job titles you would still struggle to understand what my job looks like. How about summing it up to suit the person hearing it? How does a client benefit from my work?

I help start ups and small business owners develop their marketing, either by directly offering services, or helping them learn how to do it themselves. This allows them to attract new customers and develop their brand awareness.

That seemed clearer, right? The specifics include copywriting, social media strategy, SEO, email marketing and consulting, plus my new Copywriting Class for those wishing to develop their own skills.

But did you know this before? Or was this enlightening? Take a minute to consider your job, especially if you’re self employed or run a business. How often do you communicate what you do, as specifically as I have above? Can your friends and family tell you what you do, or do you have to change your name to Chandler, too?

Work your job, and what you offer into your marketing messages. If your audience is clear on what you do, they’ll be clear on when to invest in your services.


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