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The Ella St story

What’s in a name? Well, a lot, as it turns out. You see, a name isn’t just a name, it’s a story. Think of your own name. Your first name contains cultural meanings and signifiers, while your surname is often derived from stories upon stories belonging to your ancestors. Every name is a story, and so is every brand.

When I rebranded and named Ella St Communications in 2019, I had a long list of name choices. I couldn’t pinpoint why, but I kept coming back to Ella St. For those that don’t know, Ella St is where I live. It’s where I run my business, my home and my entire life, and it’s where I feel centred.

It’s an unusual spot, nestled right between the university area and streets of students on one side, and a much wealthier neighbourhood of beautiful Victorian houses and long, leafy gardens on the other. There’s no other street quite like Ella St, it is its own unique little identity, snuggled between two worlds.

Home to several artists, lockdown gave Ella St even more life than usual. Residents began an unspoken arrangement of creating gifts for their neighbours, once leaving macrame plant hangers for every household, waiting in the trees outside our windows when we woke up. Curtains twitched and behind them people smiled at one another.

It’s events like this that confirmed Ella St Communications was always the right name for my little brand. It’s about community. It’s about helping lift each other up. It’s about support for those who need it.

My clients come to me because they are like me. Mums that are trying to make sense of an upside-down economy and unpredictable life with a business that offers them a degree of control. I work with women across the UK who want to do their own thing, not just for themselves but for their families. I work with the women who wake up each day and want to work hard, and still see their kids. I work with women that are passionate about what they do, because they know they have something great to offer.

Ella St has something great to offer. Its community is something I can only ever hope of replicating in my business. I believe that kindness breeds kindness, and when business is built on that, brilliant things happen.

I offer free content strategy calls. These aren’t sales calls, or ‘ways in’, I do this to offer something accessible that promotes what my business is about. I provide half an hour of my time to go through your content worries, struggles and goals, and set you in the right direction for your business. There’s always the chance to pay it forwards for someone else.

Book a call with me, and let me show you what Ella St Comms is about.

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