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5 types of blog post to get your business noticed

Updated: Feb 4, 2022

Small businesses that blog regularly get significantly more web traffic than those that don't, but what should you talk about? These 5 types of business blogs will help you build your marketing content plan for months.

I've been blogging since 2008, when I would commit a few hours to MSN Spaces every two days, even when I had nothing much to say. My logic back then was to blog regularly because it was new and not many people were doing that. It worked. My often rambled self-chats earned me my first graduate job offers, and even a glimpse into influencer marketing before we knew what that was.

Today, blogging needs a different strategy. How do you get your blog noticed when every business has one? Follow these five blog types to create a content strategy that your audience will love.

#1 - Listicles

Like this one! List articles provide an easily digestible read for readers without a lot of time, providing content they can skim through and find what's relevant to them quickly and easily.

#2 - Anecdotal

This one time, in band camp... I learned a really valuable lesson about connecting with my audience in meaningful ways. Or something a little more engaging, ideally. Anecdotal blogs take a lesson we have learned and present it in an a valuable way, wrapped up in words that make us think and feel a little bit more connected to the business that wrote it. If this type of blog post was a mood, it would be a rainy evening with a good whisky and a blanket.

"Blogging is good for your career. A well-executed blog sets you apart as an expert in your field." ~ Penelope Trunk

#3 - Research based

Showcase your industry expertise by commenting on a new development and adding your own take on how potential clients can benefit or things to be aware of - and then provide the solution.

#4 - Case study

Case studies are a great way to move your portfolio highlights into your blog with the chance to expand on what you achieved for your clients. Go on, show off a little!

Tip #5 - Reflective

"Five years ago I was doing's what I learned." By reflecting on our time in our business, we're demonstrating a few things:

- How experienced we are

- How we use our experience to move us forward (and how we move our clients forward too)

- What our next plans are and why potential clients should want to be a part of it

Now make a content plan

Knowing what your audience want to engage with is the first step in a content plan, but putting the details together can be harder.

My Blogging for Business package provides you with your own unique blog content plan for three months, plus the option to have the posts written for you too. Sound good? Check out the details here.

Did you like this post? Share it on your favourite platform and let others know what you think.

Happy blogging!


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