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How the hell to market your brand during a pandemic

What the hell do I say? It’s a thought that’s crossed most of our minds lately, and something I ask myself every day. I use social media (mostly Instagram) to market Ella St Comms, but during a heightened crisis – or y’know, global pandemic – it feels altogether wrong to push my services on anyone. I think the term I used to my friends was ‘I’d feel like a massive dick’.

What’s worse is, this is probably a time when I’ve never needed to market my services more. For a while I’ve been incredibly fortunate to have work come from recommendations and repeat clients, leaving Instagram free of too much ‘me, me, me’. But then this shitstorm happened, clients cancelled (understandably and with no hard feelings whatsoever), and the government seemingly forgot some of us have living costs more than £92 a week.

So what can we do? I put together two lists:

How to market yourself without sounding like a dick, and What to say on Instagram during a pandemic

First, the aubergine-free zone:

· Consider who you need to speak to. This will likely include your current clients. You probably don’t need social media for this. Pick up the phone, or drop them an email to assure them of anything they need from you. Continued service while they need it and an approachable business is an absolute must.

Woman on the phone in an office holding a pen
Don't rely on social media for your 1-1 comms

· Who else do you want to speak to? Is there anyone you could genuinely help at the moment? Again, pick up the phone or email them to approach them one at a time. This isn’t the time for mailing lists for most businesses, but a well thought out and well-meaning email could go a long way.

· Write blogs. Like this one. Maybe mention dicks a little less. What expertise can you offer the world?

· Are there any services you offer that are particularly helpful at the moment? Make these prominent on your website, and dial down the ones that aren’t.

· Lastly, keep the social media content coming. Maybe less frequently if that’s what feels right, but don’t drop off the face of the earth. Selling is not the one right now, but people still want to hear from you.

So, what do you say? Struggling for social media content is really common at the moment. Do we talk about what’s going on or not? Do we offer people a respite from the news? Those things are very individual decisions, only you can decide what feels right. What I do know is that once you have decided how much to mention it, consider these content ideas:

· Write a gratitude list. What is it about your life or business that you’re thankful for today?

· How are you spending your time? You might have a simple idea that revolutionises someone else’s day.

· What are the best resources and ideas you’ve come across recently? These might surround daily living or be specific to your industry, or just mention a really great podcast you heard.

· What kind of routine are you keeping (if at all)? How is this shaping your day differently?

· Inspiration. Who has inspired you to get to this point in your business, and who is your inspiration for the future?

· Speaking of the future, let’s talk plans. What are you going to do when all of this is over? Do you see your business taking a different route as a result?

· Finally, pets. Everyone loves them. If that fails, turn to biscuits. Nobody, NOBODY can deny a biscuit at a time like this.

Good luck, guys. Support each other, have a Zoom beer and cross your fingers we’re over this hurdle soon x

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