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How to work with a copywriter

(specifically this one)

So, you know you need a copywriter. What's next?


Get in touch!

Drop me an email - it's what I find easiest and I usually reply straight away if I can.

Alternatively, send me a text or WhatsApp.

You can find all my contact details at the bottom of the screen.


We'll arrange a consultation call

Over Zoom or on the phone, we'll chat through what you need and summarise your:

- Aims

- Audience

- Obstacles


Project definition and quote

I'll send you a quote detailing the ins and outs of your project. I'll advise timescales and availability here, plus anything else you need to know. 


Set up and go

For larger projects including web copy, I'll request any branding documents and send you a new client survey, plus a contract to gather all the information I need.

I'll create a shared Trello board to use for notes and feedback, and if you're part of a team I can create a group WhatsApp chat for immediate contact and updates.


Research, planning and writing

Behind the scenes I'll be busy creating words of magic for you, but you can get on with your day until I let you know the first draft is ready to check on Trello or by email.



If you want any changes, this is the time to provide your thoughts. There's no need to feel guilty or hold back here, I want to get this perfect for you.


Changes and sign off

The moment you have your copy finalised it's yours to use. There's no waiting around here, we're both going to be excited to see it live!


Invoice and review

I'll send you an invoice, and if you're really kind (obviously you are, or I wouldn't be working with you!) you'll leave e a quick Google review.

That's it! 

Ready to start?

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