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Working the way we all want to

Ella St Communications was founded by me, Laura Smith, an audience-focused copywriter with 12 years’ experience in communications.


I’m not interested in outdated work practices. I’m interested in people working in ways that suit them, fulfilling their passions and helping others along the way. I’m also not interested in pre-9am meetings - they live firmly in my old life along with long commutes and missing out on bedtimes.​ I am interested in working with people who get it. Those who read this and know where I’m coming from and why.

When my daughter was around 14 months old, I faced the pull of work but the juggle of motherhood, and the guilt that underneath it all I wanted to do something for me again. So, I rebranded as a freelancer who knew what kind of business she wanted. This isn’t about having a job, this is about identity.

I scribbled down in a notepad: 

“I want to work hard, and I want the chance to be able to in a way that doesn’t compromise my daughter. I want to set the rules and work in a way that the corporate world needs more of.

I want to work for myself, build something up, do well, and be good at what I do. I want to work again.

I’m not done with baby groups. I love watching my daughter play in dusty church halls with decades-old toys while I drink weak tea with a free biscuit. But I’m ready to not do that every day. I’m ready to work hard and earn money and professional satisfaction again.”

I believe in work that suits real people, with real demands. Ella St Communications is centred around flexible working that prioritises life without compromise. Scroll down to get in touch if you feel the same.




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I work with brands with a focus on their lasting footprint. From fashion brands promoting capsule wardrobes and sustainable practices, start-ups developing innovative products to combat plastic reduction and service-led brands putting eco-business at their core, these are the brands leading the way in changing our consumer behaviour.


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I believe business should be about supporting people. I support mums launching or furthering their own brands to attract and retain audiences, and build the success they want to find away from the corporate world to succeed on their own terms.


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Increasingly my clients are counsellors, yoga teachers, cheerleaders of flexible and family-friendly working, virtual assistants and business coaches, all with one thing in common: helping women to reconnect with their identity by providing a little headspace.



Stay grounded and grow

Right now, Ella St Comms is small but mighty. I have ambitions to grow into a perfectly formed team over time, but as I do, I'll make the following promises:

1. Stay grounded. Ella St Comms is run from the home, to support others working from theirs. That means we help those without sky-high budgets. We keep our costs low so our rates can stay the same. 

2. Keep it convenient. Life is busy enough, without unnecessary commutes and all-agenda meetings. We save 2 hours a day by working at the places most convenient to us, allowing better practice and more time for you. 

3. Help those who want to help others. We're not interested in building giants. We believe in community and brands with a conscience to make a difference to tomorrow's world. That's why we predominantly work with start ups and small businesses.

Want to join us? Get in touch and say hello today.