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Modern day working for tomorrow's world

An agency? Not quite. Freelancer? Close. 

Ella St Communications is somewhere in the middle. Currently a one-woman show, ESC is founded by Laura Smith, a digital marketing strategist with 10 years’ experience in communications.

But why Ella St Communications? As a working mum, I know the importance of saving time, and making efficient choices. And when it comes to googling a name like Laura Smith…well, Ella St Comms just made more sense! 

Ella St Communications will take care of your creative and strategic needs so you can focus on running your business at its full potential.

As a future-focussed organisation with modern day working at its core, ESC doesn't believe in the 9-5. This is 2020. I believe in work that suits real people, with real demands. Ella St Communications is centred around flexible working that prioritises life without compromise.

For every campaign ESC delivers, I donate a % of revenue to earth-protecting organisations. Have one you prefer? Let me know and I'll make sure it’s supported on your behalf.

I’ve been helping companies develop and define their brands since 2015. The times may have changed, but my creativity certainly hasn't. Get in touch so that we can start elevating you to where you deserve to be.

Laura x 



Shaping the future of our world is what gets us up in the morning. Here's what we do to ensure today's practices support tomorrow's generations.


Our portfolio of all clients have two things in common: they're all awesome people, and they're all building a sustainable brand. 

We work with brands with a focus on their lasting footprint. From fashion brands developing organic cotton and sustainable practices, to companies developing innovative products to combat plastic reduction, we help them shout from the rooftops because we believe in what they do.


ESC is run using 100% renewable energy, and has been since 2015. 
Because businesses have the biggest impact on the environment, we believe in setting an example, whether you're a Joe Bloggs or Steve Jobs.


For every contract that ESC works on, we commit a % to environmental charities. 

Do you have a preferred charity? Let us know and we'll make sure we help you support a cause that looks after our tomorrow. 



Stay grounded and grow

Right now, ESC is small but mighty. We have ambitions to grow into a perfectly formed team over time, but as we do, we'll make the following promises:

1. Stay grounded. ESC is run from the home, to support others working from theirs. That means we help those without sky-high budgets. We keep our costs low so our rates can stay the same. 

2. Keep it convenient. Life is busy enough, without unnecessary commutes and all-agenda meetings. We save 2 hours a day by working at the places most convenient to us, allowing better practice and more time for you. 

3. Help those who want to help others. We're not interested in building giants. We believe in community and brands with a conscience to make a difference to tomorrow's world. That's why we predominantly work with start ups and small businesses.

Want to join us? Get in touch and say hello today.