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Freelancer? Agency? Sometimes you need something in between.


I grew Ella St Communications into the two-person team it is today after 14 years’ in the comms industry. I specialise in copywriting because it’s what comes naturally to me. Words just flow in my head and I love it. But I didn’t want to stop there. I wanted to offer organisations a full writing experience, so I teamed up with a brilliant editor and proofreader too.


Together, we’re Ella St Communications. We take your goals and give them meaning, so your audience can engage with them and understand who you are and why they should pay attention.


Our favourite projects are the ones you don’t want to do. Do you have a 90-page report full of dry data? Give it to us, and we’ll find the life in it. We’re experts at translating dull stats and recordings into people-centred, golden content that begs to be engaged with. 


We’re a family-first business too. We grew because our home life did, one little girl at a time. Now, we’re proud to offer the very best content services available to the charity and small business sectors, without ever missing a bedtime. 


If this resonates with you, you’ll love our blog post, ‘Why you need to hire a freelance parent right now’.




Since 2020 we’ve specialised in providing freelance copywriting, editing and proofreading to charities. We’ve worked with some of the world’s most impactful organisations in the humanitarian sector on operational and annual reports, executive summaries and more.


Our work finds the most engaging stories in your data and brings it to life for your donors and supporters.


Find out what we could do for you today.


Saleswoman in Boutique Store

Agencies are fast paced and varied. But sometimes that means an extra pair of hands are needed. We’re here to make sure busy doesn’t become chaotic. 


Chat to us about our specially designed retainers for growing agencies today.


Working on Stairs

Supporting small business with web and marketing content is where Ella St Comms started. We love the small but mighty, the growing and innovative, and especially the ‘doing our own thing’ organisations. 


We think you’ll love our strategy packages, but if you know what you need, that’s fine too – let’s chat growth. 



Amplify and connect 

Our old mission was 'stay grounded and grow'. We've done the growing (hello, team of two!), and we know that staying grounded is only helpful when it's balanced with a good amount of ambition. That's why we've revisited our mission recently.


Here's what's new. We want to:

1. Work with the best people out there. Are you doing your own thing and want to shout it from the rooftops? Have you created something really special? Do you believe you're transforming lives (including your own!)? We want to work with passionate, driven people who know their goals.

2. Provide valued content. We're brimming with ideas, and the words that follow. We want to work with people who understand the power of them.

3. Help those who want to help others. We're not interested in building giants. We believe in community and brands with a conscience to make a difference to tomorrow's world. That's why we predominantly work with charities and support new freelancers to find their feet.

Want to join us? Get in touch and say hello today.

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